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Sitek Arms 6.5 x 47 Lapua "The Destroyer"

Sitek Arms 6.5 RSAUM

Sitek Arms .28 Nosler


Sitek Arms "The Annihilator"

These heavy weight Bench Rifles were built using Stiller P1000 Dual Port Actions, 1 3/8" stainless Lilja Barrels, with 20BR match chambers. All stainless parts were hand polished with matte blued accents. One Rifle is made of dense 55 year old Myrtle wood, with holly and ebony inlays and a 3" flat forearm for stability. The other pictured rifle features an American Walnut stock, with rosewood and ebony inlays. Both grips sections have wrap around fine stippling.   

Sitek Arms “The Eliminator”

These magnificent .22 Target Rifles were built from rare, tiger striped Myrtle wood, and quilted Maple blanks. Each Rifle has a Stiller 2500X action, a Lilja 28" Barrel and a Bix 'N Andy Remington 700 competition trigger. All parts were hand polished for a deluxe finish.  A 3” flat forearm, custom inlays in the butt stock and the bottom of the forearm are also featured.


Remington 700 .308 Win 

Blueprinted from a Remington 700 stainless Action, this Rifle was internally relieved to accommodate a Berger 210 grain bullet. The bottom metal was nickeled and the barrel was threaded by Sitek Arms for a VLD Bullet. An internal pic rail base was installed and the butt stock was modified for QD swivels. Key components; Bix 'N Andy Trigger, Proof Research Sendero Barrel and a McMillian stock (which was modified and given a custom paint job by Sitek Arms).  

Sitek Arms .308WIN

Sitek Arms .26 Nosler 

Colt 1911 .45 ACP

Our one of a kind 1911 was featured in the October 2017 Handloader Ammunition Reloading Journal (see Press for full article). Key features include; Custom Ivory grips, 30 LPI checkered front strap, with a custom square cut and a 24K front sight. The slide, rib and other steel parts were Blued using Sitek Arms proprietary method. The Pistol was engraved by Master Engraver Rachel Wells. 

Colt 1911 .45ACP

Colt Series 80 1911 "Austin Behlert"

The top end was built by Austin Behlert in the mid 90's and the rest of the pistol was built by Sitek Arms. 

Crown City 1911 .22LR

This 1911 was built from the ground up, with all new components. The top end was dipped in a carbon fiber pattern and the checkering was done to 20LPI on the front strap. The slide stop was made by Sitek Arms, along with custom Myrtlewood grips, featuring a snake scale pattern. 


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